The Waiting List Policy is to provide Management with a fair and consistent procedure for dealing with Residents and Non-Residents who are waiting for an apartment at Fred Douglas Place.

A "WAITING LIST" is established for each type of apartment at Fred Douglas Place and is recorded on a Waiting List form.


1. If a potential Resident has completed a tour of the apartments, and if there is no vacancy for the type of apartment they want, they may wish to complete a Waiting List Application.

2. A Waiting List Application Fee of $500.00 is required, and will be applied to the Entrance Fee. The fee will be refunded to any applicant whenever they request the removal of their name from the list. No interest will be paid.

3. The order of names on the Waiting List will be determined by the date on which the Application form and fee are received. Current Residents of Fred Douglas Place will have priority over non-Residents.

4. When a vacancy occurs, Management will begin contacting those on the Waiting List whose choice matches the vacancy, using the date of Application as a guideline.

5. If a Waiting List Applicant indicates an interest in a Vacancy, payment of the Development Fee of $3,000.00 is required. They will receive a copy of the current Sublease as well as required financial documentation. There is a seven day cancellation clause.

6. Sublease documents will be signed at the end of the seven days and occupancy is required to take place within the agreed time. The balance of Entrance Fees are required to be paid thirty (30) days prior to move in.

7. When Residents move from one apartment to another within Fred Douglas Place, part or all of the Waiting List Fee may be applied to the restoration of the original suite.

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