In real estate, location is all-important. That's what makes Fred Douglas Place a great place to live and an apartment community in great demand. At Ellice and Vaughan, Fred Douglas Place is on the northwest corner of The Forks North Portage Partnership, which has created a community of apartments, shops, offices and cultural amenities downtown. Fred Douglas Place, conveniently close to Portage Avenue, has developed its own identity as part of that community. From Fred Douglas Place you can step into climate-controlled walkways to the adjoining mall for year-round comfortable access. Within Portage Place itself is The Esplanade, a three-level glass-covered central atrium that is a vibrant "town square" for exhibitions and displays, or an ideal spot in which to meet friends. Walkways across Portage Avenue lead to other major department stores and recreation facilities. In terms of amenities and location, it's hard to beat Fred Douglas Place!

Fred Douglas Place contact information:
General Manager  phone:  204-982-0330 
email:  rmayer@freddouglasplace.com
Mailing address:  333 Vaughan Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 3J9

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